The Klickwunder Academy aims to provide you with resources for knowledge development and process efficiencies.

Why the Academy?

We want you to get the best performance for your Paid Search through Google AdWords and Bing Ads as well as your Paid Social campaigns in Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. To help you, we have assembled a list of resources that will make your work easier:

1. Our Knowledge Base, which is a growing encyclopedia of all basic PPC and Facebook terminology and buzz words
2. Specifically developed online marketing tools that will help you work smarter and more efficient
3. Curated eBooks and whitepapers with in-depth knowledge about specific topics ranging from setup to e-commerce campaign optimization
3. A soon-to-be launched E-Learning platform with multimedia content to immerse yourself in everything Google AdWords and PPC
4. All upcoming Google Partner Workshops

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Why Use an Agency for Set Up?

We are passionate about Adwords. Our research audit is our way of showing you how Adwords can work for you. Our acute understand of online consumers and the current market allow us to constantly develop new strategies to help your business keep growing. Our job is to deliver sales/leads at the lowest cost possible across all advertising platforms. A good agency will set up alerts to identify issues quickly as well and check your accounts on a daily basis. All client facing staff are required to complete Adwords & Bing certifications. This means our team have to take annual exams set by Google and Bing and operate to the very highest standards.