Account Audit


Over time the majority of AdWords accounts and campaigns have gone through different stages of adjustments and management. This means that the campaign structure, including keywords and ads might have untapped potential due to a certain style of account organization. This effect multiplies by the number of owners or managers the AdWords account has seen.

Taking over such an account from someone new in order to grow and scale the existing AdWords campaigns can be a daunting task as the historical background or documentation are not immediately clear.

The AdWords account audit helps to derive and prioritize specific actions for the optimization of the AdWords account and PPC campaigns. We deep-dive into the existing structure and leave no stone unturned.
(We provide a free AdWords Audit checklist to review your account and identify immediate opportunities on your own. You can find the guide here.)

Key results of the professional PPC Account Audit

  • Identification of weaknesses & strengths
  • Evaluation of optimization potential
  • Individual action plan


We believe that profitable AdWords campaigns are possible for every serious marketer. Therefore we offer an extensive Google AdWords Account Audit to discover unused potential in your active PPC campaigns.

We tailor every account evaluation to your specific business model. We closely analyze different sectors of the AdWords account, such as campaign structure or conversion setup. To identify weaknesses and strengths within the campaigns, we deep-dive on every account-level, from A (like audiences) to Z (like time zones).

During this process we never lose track of monitoring the account performance by reviewing various time frames. In the end you will get a detailed catalogue of actions that help you to boost your campaigns to the next level.

We want to provide you with actionable information on your account. If you are happy with the audit, we are happy too. And if you want us to support you in managing your AdWords campaigns afterwards we are ready to deliver. If you do not wish to hire us, you will still have received valuable information to perform the next Klickwunder on your Google AdWords account.


The Google AdWords Premier Partner program only includes those agencies that have met Google's tight training and qualification criteria. We are proud to be a certified Google Premier Partner.

Having the Premier Partner status gives us access to a number of program benefits, such as broad product training sessions, dedicated AdWords support and sophisticated tools. For you this means better service and access to the latest Google improvements and technologies.

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