Facebook is the biggest social media platform and offers a great variety of advertising opportunities for online marketers. There are multiple reasons why you advertising on Facebook is highly profitable:

Your potential customers are using Facebook
Nearly 100% of all 16- 34 year old’s can be reached through Facebook
Organic Facebook business pages can only reach existing fans
Facebook Ads offers a wide array of targeting options like image ads, mobile app install ads, video ads and more
Targeting by user behaviour, interests, demographics, connections and other relevant targeting options
You can already get started with a small monthly budget
You can be very picky on who you want to target and how much you want to spent
Performance is transparent and measurable



Analysis: Extensive analysis of potential target audiences and competitors as a base for the new strategy

Consultation: Holistic advice on current opportunities and elaboration of business goals and KPIs to integrate the Facebook strategy into the general Marketing strategy of your business
Development of a cost efficient Facebook Ads campaign strategy and structure tailored to your company and following best practices OR review of your existing campaign structure
Setup: Implementation of your Facebook campaign structure according to the previously set KPIs OR implementation of optimisations in your existing campaigns


Ongoing monitoring, optimization and management of all campaigns, ad sets and ads
Creation of new appealing ads to avoid repetition for your target audience

Ongoing transparent reporting and detailed analysis of the performance of all campaigns to enable fast and efficient campaign optimization (weekly / monthly)

Highly targeted Facebook ads for your business
Increasing your company and brand awareness
Reaching new customer groups
Positive influence on general online reputation
Long-term increase in sales / conversions


Why should I advertise on Facebook?
The number of people using Facebook, and hence the potential audience for your ads, is huge. By using very targeted ads you can reach exactly the people you want to get in contact with and don’t waste money on broad audiences that might not be interested in your product. Moreover, the performance of Facebook campaigns is highly measurable and therefore continuous optimisation is possible.

Do I need to have a Facebook Business Page for Facebook Ads?
No, you don’t need to have a Facebook Business Page to be able to advertise on Facebook. However, if you advertise without having a Facebook page you will have a smaller choice when it comes to placements, formats and goals of your Facebook ads. Therefore we strongly suggest that you create a business page - or we can set it up for you.

What do I need to have to advertise on Facebook?
A clear business goal is key to any advertising campaign, therefore you should know what you want to achieve and who you want to reach. If you want us to manage your Facebook campaigns for you, we also need photos or videos that we can use in the ads. If you are unsure which material to use, we can assist you with that.

How will you gain access to our existing Facebook Business Manager?
To gain access to your account you only need to add us as a new “Advertiser” in the access settings of your account. You can find this option under “Ad Account Settings” - “rolls for this account” and add a new person

Will I still have access to our Facebook Business Manager?
Yes, Facebook offers an option which enables us to request access to your account. This way the account stays with you, but we will also be able to see the account in our business manager.

Do you set up every account the same way?
Every setup that we perform for a new company is different, just like every business is different. We start by analysing the company, its competitors and its goals and go from there. This way a campaign strategy which is tailored to your specific business is formed and the best possible performance can be reached.

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