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In 2014 Google Shopping has revolutionized the whole branch of online shopping. We make it our task to revolutionize your e-commerce business with tailored Shopping feeds and campaigns for Google Shopping and/or Bing Shopping. We understand that the growing success on Google Shopping and Bing requires both, customizing the Merchant Center feed and managing the ad visibility within AdWords or Bing. By treating every single SKU as its own integral piece of your business success, we help retailers maximize their performance and profitability on the channel.


  1. High detail shopping feed generation
  2. Shopping Feed errors and warnings management
  3. Shopping Feed optimizations
  4. Shopping campaign structuring - basic and advanced
  5. Bid management
  6. Negative keywords management


For E-commerce businesses, with thousands upon thousands of SKU's it can be a quite difficult task to extend the visibility and reach of their products within Google or Bing Shopping and at the same time managing it towards the goal of increasing traffic and sales. To fulfil this goal we are here to support you in managing and optimizing your PLA’s in both search engines, Google and Bing.
Before you can even start with the promotion of products on the Shopping networks you are going to need a quality Product Data Feed and upload it into the Merchant Center. Whether you are just starting with Shopping campaigns and need a product feed from scratch or you are looking from some new input to boost your Shopping Feed to the next level of orders, our team will give you the professional support you are looking for.


The structure of Shopping campaigns has a huge effect on the overall performance of your Shopping account, that is why we put so much effort in it. For taking Shopping campaigns to the next level it is important to not simply adapt structures from other accounts or companies because this might not be the best structure for your PLA campaigns. Every product feed is unique and so should be segmentation in your Bing or Google Shopping account. We believe that the right campaign and ad group structure and relevant custom labels will help us to get the best visibility and control in your shopping campaigns.
Additionally, we set up and restructure campaigns, using every feature that is relevant to your business model and products, in order to stay competitive and to maximize your campaigns potentials.

By combining our Google Product Feed services with unique Bing and Google Shopping management executed by our PPC aficionados you will experience the difference for your Shopping campaigns in a short period of time.

Analyse what’s working and fix what’s not. We regularly analyze the performance of shopping campaigns by having a close look at all different levels and segments of your account. Our Bing and Google Shopping support also includes the analysis of all segments, settings and bid adjustments in your campaigns.

While Google offers automated bidding options and other agencies are advertise with bidding tools, our strategy is more hands on. Our team spends a lot of time setting up your Shopping campaigns in a way that it allows a flexible and detailed segmented bidding. This means during the evaluation we are focusing on bid changes to ad groups, products groups or products where we are sure that they will have a positive impact on the performance of your Shopping campaigns.


What is a Data Feed?
Your Shopping data feed is simply the information about the products that you want to sell in the Google or Bing Shopping network. It is formatted in a way that the search engines can read and understand it. Google or Bing are crawling your data feed and decide if one or even more of your products are relevant to the searcher and display the information in a product ad.

What is the Merchant Center?
The Merchant Center is your product data manager, which is connected with your Google AdWords or Bing account. You can upload your entire product line through a data feed and check it via the inbuilt control center.

I have a store but no feed, how can you help me?
Our dedicated team will build a solid and highly relevant data feed with all products from your website, you want to promote through the Shopping networks. Besides we will support you in setting up the merchant center and to connect it with your Google AdWords or Bing account.

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Why Use an Agency for Set Up?

We are passionate about Adwords. Our research audit is our way of showing you how Adwords can work for you. Our acute understand of online consumers and the current market allow us to constantly develop new strategies to help your business keep growing. Our job is to deliver sales/leads at the lowest cost possible across all advertising platforms. A good agency will set up alerts to identify issues quickly as well and check your accounts on a daily basis. All client facing staff are required to complete Adwords & Bing certifications. This means our team have to take annual exams set by Google and Bing and operate to the very highest standards.