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Conversion Tracking with Google Tag Manager

Even the best PPC campaign is literally worth nothing without the possibility to evaluate it correctly. Whether you are advertising in Google AdWords, Bing or Facebook, it is crucial to be able to identify relevant KPIs that help you measure your return on invest (ROI) and customer acquisition cost (CAC or CPO). Since today’s online marketing world provides various advertising platforms, it can become quite overwhelming to correctly set up and manage the relevant tracking information.

With the Google Tag Manager you can view all your tracking information in one place. We implement the Google Tag Manager account for you and we configure all tracking tags necessary for your business. A correct tracking setup eliminates wrong data and false assumption made based on this data. Start using your data the right way and evaluate campaign performance for success.

Tracking for every business

Tracking the right data is important for every business, e. g. If you are an online shop you are probably measuring revenue or net revenue, if you are a marketplace you might be collecting leads such as registrations or bookings. If your company is focused on the B2B market, data you are interested in could contain information about requested offers, phone calls to the office or email signups through the website.

The Google Tag Manager helps marketers like you to work independently from IT resources and provides the flexibility to adjust any changes immediately so tags and other active variables can be modified quickly to reflect the changes in real-time. Most of the tracking tags from modern advertisers like Google AdWords, Criteo, Outbrain, Google Analytics, Facebook, etc. can be integrated seamlessly.

Google Tag Manager Services

  • Account setup
  • Tag & Trigger definition
  • Naming convention
  • Individual tag implementation
  • Testing and Debugging
  • Tag documentation
  • On-going support or Handover

In case you need even more, we offer individual Google Tag Manager workshops. Give us a quick call if you would like to have a Google Tag Manager workshop with us.

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