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10th November 2016

How to write a CTA the right way

The call to action is an essential part of any less landing page as it asks for the response of the viewer. It is an instruction for the user on what specific action you want him to take. It’s most important role is to connect the incoming traffic from your PPC ads to conversions on your landing page. For an online shop this would be for example to buy an article. If you’re selling an e-book you would ask your audience to download it.

You will want to spend a significant time both coming up with different CTAs as well as testing them, in order to find the high performing ones. A Call to Action needs be precise and clear. It should make it very easy to understand for the user what kind of action he can take. It should have a prominent position on the landing page. Font as well as cover design are also important aspects to consider and ideally test. A CTA needs to catch its viewer’s attention visually, engage him together with the content you provide and then be crafted in a way that is enticing the user to actually click and convert.

Take a look at the following best practices in order to write a CTA the right way.

1. Let the verbs display clear intent

Action verbs such as subscribe, download, discover are more goal-oriented than overly complex phrasings such as “you can download it here”. Use the right call to actions depending on your goal:

Goal: Direct Response

Use keywords: Shop, buy, call, register, purchase, order, donate, download

Goal: Lead Generation

Use keywords: download, verify, fill out, enroll, receive, start, access

Goal: User Engagement

Use keywords: Watch, Read, View, Discover, See

2. Simplicity is key

You don’t want to bore your potential customers with an overly long call to action. Make the short, precise and simple.

Register Now

Join Us

Book Now

Learn More

Sign Up Now

3. Offer something special

While your ultimate goal is of course to earn some real money with whatever product or service your offer. In order to gain a bigger audience, one of the most effective moves is to offer something free or at least discounted. This way users will get to know your brand better, you have a chance to provide them with value, increase your credibility and you can remarket your product to them. Deals such as discounts, exclusive offers, 2-for-1 offers or free trials entice users to respond to a call to action.

Get A Free Estimate

Order Today & Save

Save Up To X% & Order Now

Order Online & Save Dollars

Buy Now & Pay Less

4. Create a sense of urgency

This is one very effective marketing trick. Tell your users to act fast, if they don’t want to miss out on a special deal. This will put time pressure on the user and enable a quicker response while facilitating the decision making process.

Special Offer Expires Today

Offer Ends Soon. Don’t Wait!

Book Now, Before Time Runs Out

5. Pay attention to the color scheme

Make sure the call to action stands out on the landing page. It shouldn’t be lost in the content you have on there. Always use contrasting colors for your call to actions and corresponding buttons. There’s nothing worse for your user than to aimlessly scroll through the landing page without finding where to click. Effective calls to actions have a prominent position, stand out from the page and are easy to find.

6. Emphasize one Call to Action

Depending on where the users are in the sales funnel, it is important to know what kind of response you want from them. For example some may visit your site just for information. Others seek to do price comparisons, but are not yet ready to hit the buy button. And some will actually be buying from you.

You don’t want to ask the users looking for information to buy something, since they are not yet at that stage of their customer journey. But it would be great to gain them as leads through newsletter signups. So your should offer different landing pages and correspondingly also different calls to action depending on who you are targeting.

7. Make them special

Design your call to action buttons in a way that creates excitement. The user should think that they are the gateway to something special and desirable. The button should stand out both through color and position on the overall page.

8. Let your users feel safe

Sometimes I see landing pages, where the viewer is asked for a boat load of information when being generated as a lead. This is one of the worst mistakes you can make, unless you like high bounce rates. Always ask only for the minimum amount of information that you need! You want to generate new leads through newsletter signups? The only information you should ask for is the email address and nothing more. Also include a remark that it will not be used by any third parties. If there’s a buying process, make sure you emphasize having a secure page and that all data given is protected.

9. Test, Track, Test, Track

It’s all about testing. Make sure you split test different versions of call to actions on your landing pages to find the ones that are performing great. There’s no one single recipe for all landing pages, but what is true is that testing will help you find a great one. Test color, layout, wording, images, fonts.

Good luck getting those conversions!

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