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17th März 2017

How To Write The Perfect AdWords Ad

I cannot tell you how often I’ve been asked, how I am creating Google AdWords text ads. Are there any rules you have to follow when writing the ideal text ad?

To me writing the perfect ETA or Expanded Text Ad is like cooking a soup by following a general recipe with adding my own style. It is always handy to follow the recipe but sometimes it can be good to spice up the soup by testing and trying out new things.

So here is my personal recipe for a good and convincing Expanded Text Ad.

Step One: Headline 1

Take a large dash of attention and sprinkle it on your first headline because this is the first thing users will see of your ad. They might decide right away if the ad is relevant enough to their search request in Google or not.

We at Klickwunder recommend adding as many terms as possible from your keyword combination into the first headline. While it is important to get all your keywords into the headline, please avoid keyword spamming and do not forget to use the right spelling and grammar.

Step Two: Headline 2

The headline 2 of your Google AdWords ad is nearly as important as headline 1, because this is what a potential customer will (normally) read second. So make sure that you are not wasting this space with irrelevant details or already used information in your ad extensions. Instead add unique selling points (USP)! Of course, some of the USPs can be mentioned in your callouts - however, sometimes the extension might not show up.

Does your company have a short delivery time, a wide range of different products or offer a special discount? Then use those details to attract and convince searchers as to why it is the best choice for them to convert on your website.

Summary of the headlines

The messaging of the two headlines of your expanded text ad will probably have the most influence on the click-throught-rate (CTR) of your ads, which is why you should regularly spend some time testing new ad copies by focusing on your headlines. Through statistical significance you will quickly find the headlines that best improve the CTR and conversion rate of your ad.

Also keep in mind, both headlines have the same length of 30 characters with the first headline being slightly more important than the second headline of your expanded text ad.

Here are two variations the second ETA headline could change.

1. The second headline may appear after a line break:

2. Or Google may shorten your second headline:

Step 3: The Display URL

There is one thing you don’t have to worry about when it comes to expanded text ads and that is the integration of your domain in the ETA. Google will automatically pull the domain from your final URL into your display URL. The only detail you should add to your display URL are up to 2 fifteen-character path fields.

These two paths are optional, but we highly recommend to use them and include the top words of your keyword in the path fields. This will definitely have some positive effects on the relevance and quality of your ad. Including the top keywords will lead to an improvement of your CTR because it will show searchers that your expanded text ad will take them to a specific landing page which should be relevant to their interest.

Beside the fact that including top keywords in your display URL’s path will make your ad more relevant to potential customers, it will furthermore improve your paid ad’s quality score and therefore help reduce your cost-per-click (CPC).

Step 4: The Description

Some people would say that the description line is not as important and that you don’t have to pay so much attention to it. We still believe it is necessary to give attention to the description line of your ETA. We recommend testing different wordings for each service or product on your website and try once again to include your top keywords. Use the extra space to describe the specific service or product in more detail or show the advantages of your service.

At the end of the description line - which has now increased to a total of 80 characters - do not forget to put a Call-To-Action (CTA) to motivate searchers to take immediate action and convert on your website.

This is the end of our quite simple guide on how to write the ideal expanded text ad. Remember to always test for your own company and try to find out how your best practice ad looks like. We are excited to hear about your personal guideline.

You have no idea what you just read? No problem, we can help:

1. Read more about ads in our Knowledge Base


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