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What’s a Call to Action or CTA?

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The Call to Action, or short CTA is an instruction by the advertiser for the user and basically tells the user what action he should take next. It allows the advertiser to direct the user into a specific course of action and can therefore be very powerful. The CTA is an essential part of any online marketing efforts and should be thoroughly analyzed, tested and optimized in order to gain the most traction. Having no CTA or even a badly formulated one can turn potential leads away from turning into valuable customers.

Common calls to action are for example:

  • Download Now
  • Join xxx Users
  • Claim Your Offer
  • Sign Up Here
  • Buy Now
  • (your idea here)

A CTA should be part of both ad copy and landing page. Your ad is the first point of contact with a potential lead, therefore the CTA should be surrounded by a relevant message and persuade the viewer to click through to the landing page. Make sure to align the message of the ad with a corresponding landing in order to reduce the bounce rate and keep the viewer interested. Put an emphasis on the unique selling proposition of your product or service to enhance the effectiveness. On the landing page there should be one very prominent, precise and clear CTA which the entire site directs to. The CTA should also stand out from the page through layout, design and color.

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