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What is a Landing Page?

The Landing Page is the part of your website where the ad viewer first arrives once he clicks your ad on the Google Search Results Page. As it’s the first point of contact, it’s an important part of converting a lead into a paying customer. Get clear beforehand on what kind of action you want the user to take. Is he supposed to buy a product, sign up for a newsletter, download an ebook. Be very precise in directing the ad viewer. The landing page shouldn’t confuse the lead with unnecessary information overload. It should be an extension of the ad with more corresponding, clear information highlighing the benefits of your offer and leading to a sale.

Ideally you will have dedicated landing pages for different ad groups. You could align your landing pages with the different stages of your sales funnel, categories, topics, product offers and more. It’s extremely important to put effort into the optimization of your landing pages, as they also affect your quality score and should be coherent with the corresponding ads to enhance relevancy.

A few tips to consider:

  • Have a clear value proposition. Highlight your product in an appealing way. It should be very easy to see how buying your product will make someones life easier or better in some type of way.
  • Don’t forget a prominent and concise call to action. The user should never have to second guess on what to do, once he’s on the landing page.
  • Humans are visual! Pay attention to the design of your landing page, color scheme, structure and so on. Images work very well, especially images of other humans. Incorporate a short video underlining the best features.
  • Refrain from inserting any links on the landing page that could direct the user elsewhere, even on your own website. Those are only a distraction and can undermine the viewer’s engagement with your content.
  • Build trust by incorporating social proof and testimonials into your messaging.

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