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28th November 2016

New AdWords script for transition from STA to ETA

On Monday Google published a new developers script to help you to change your standard text ads to expanded text ads. Boost your performance with the ETA because Christmas is just around the corner. Check the AdWords script out here and give it a try!

Google is testing Sitelink extensions with images

Previously, Google has tested image extensions in text ads, this year it’s turn for the Sitelink extensions to receive an interesting upgrade. The name of these new AdWords extensions will be Visual extensions and they are swipeable like the recently released price extension cards. First noticed on mobile devices, which means it isn’t clear if they will show on desktop too. We are excited to see if there will be an official launch this time.

Read the full story on Searchengineland.

Facebook built censorship tool to enter the Chinese market

At the moment Facebook tries to get unbanned in China by building an own tool that could hide posts about prohibited topics from people in China. Actually it’s only one of many ideas Facebook has to access the Chinese billion-population market. It remains to be seen if this tool will ever make it to be launched.

Read the full story on Techcrunch.

Google launched Home Services Ads Carousel for Mobile Devices in California

It’s surprising that it took Google so long to launch the Home Service Ads Carousel in the mobile search results, after they have shown on desktop for a quite of time. The mobile ad format features a map of the service area where the advertiser offers their work and after you clicked “View all” you see a full page of listings.

Unfortunately the Home Services Ads program is only available in the state of California in the United States yet and advertisers must go through a verification process before they can start with their first ad.

Read the full story on Sempost.

Facebook’s first Social Good Forum

The holiday season is almost there and Movember is in full swing, so there is no better time to support and help each other. While all this takes place, Facebook had its first Social Good Forum to introduce various tools for community help and collect donations to empower the Facebook community to do more good.

Read the full story on Facebook.

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