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15th März 2017

AdWords Editor update: Convert text ads to responsive ads

A few days ago Google AdWords launched a new update for their own AdWords Editor. The updated version includes, most importantly, the bulk creation of responsive ads from text ads. Furthermore the latest version of AdWords Editor also includes additional support for Gmail and YouTube ads.

Read the full story at Searchengineland.

Twitter accidently changed how @ replies work

This week Twitter briefly changed the way you can respond to tweets in their iOS app, from using the “@” character to an option above the tweet “replying to”. Actually Twitter only planned to roll out this “experiment” to few people but then accidently launched it for all iOS app users. Not surprisingly the Twitter community went crazy.
See some of the reactions here at Mashable and find out why Twitter is testing this new feature.

Google brings campaign-level audience targeting

It might feel like an early christmas gift to some Google AdWords advertisers. Google ended the long wait and you’re finally able to add audience lists on campaign level and not only on ad group level in AdWords. This new feature cut out the time consuming task of adding the same audiences to every ad group in a campaign and managing the bidding at the same level.

Read the full story at Searchengineland.

Microsoft officially closes its acquisition of LinkedIn

Six month after the first news about the deal between Microsoft and LinkedIn, it has been come official now. Earlier this week, the European Commission has given their approval for the acquisition. This means that Microsoft successfully acquired LinkedIn for $26.2 billion.
Read the full story at Techcrunch.

YouTube published a great end-of-year review

2016 is nearly over, which means the official season for end-of-year reviews just started. This year the most unique review comes from YouTube. YouTube detected the most watched channels and videos and put it all together in one video.
The platform reported that the ten most successful videos from this year were watched 550 Million times.
Watch the complete video on YouTube now!

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