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You do not have a Google AdWords account yet? You want to expand current PPC campaigns because high season starts or you launched a new country? Or you want to improve the profitability of your existing AdWords and Bing accounts but you do not know how?

If you answered any (or even all) of the above questions with a “Yes”, then look no further. We develop and scale your PPC account in Google AdWords or Bing Ads so that it will meet your individual targets. We help you to find the right strategy and get a best practice account set up. With Klickwunder, you will work with experienced and certified PPC professionals who have managed hundreds of thousands of advertising budgets and who are passionate about achieving profitable results with your AdWords and Bing campaigns.

Do you want to challenge the status quo of your current account? We offer a professional AdWords account audit. Read more about it and get in touch with us here.


  • ROI-driven approach to PPC campaign management
  • Extensive keyword development
  • Individual campaign structure
  • Highly relevant and traffic-generating text ads
  • KPI-based performance reporting
  • Conversion tracking & advanced tech support


  • AdWords Beginner and AdWords Advanced workshops
  • Google Shopping workshops
  • Strategic account optimization


Account management for search engine advertising campaigns is a relentless job which requires profound skills in PPC advertising and advanced data analytics. Our team consists of SEA aficionados with years of experience in both AdWords and Bing campaign management.

In our managed services we will execute the account optimization, which includes topics such as bid management and keyword development among others. Even in a perfect world, the optimization of an account is an ongoing process that almost never finishes and consists of new challenges every day during the lifetime of a PPC account.

We also provide a strategic support for every facet of PPC account management in which we develop the necessary actions that will help to supercharge your active PPC campaigns. In this process we support with important topics such as landing page testing and conversion rate optimization.

To immediately improve your team’s efficiency, check out this infographic about PPC account management.


Our keyword development process starts during the campaign planning phase when we develop a profitable keyword portfolio for your business. In case you already have a pre-defined list of keywords that might be relevant to your business, we will base our efforts on this initial keyword set. To see an overview of selected tools for basic keyword research, take a look at our keyword research tool summary here.

Tailored keyword lists are the foundation of any successful Google AdWords or Bing account. Over time we will actively develop these lists because sometimes filtering relevant keywords from irrelevant search terms can be an overwhelming task. If you want to learn more about how to handle irrelevant search terms, do not hesitate to read this blog post.

Professional PPC keyword development in Google AdWords or Bing opens up new opportunities for more relevant traffic, improved click-through-rates, and increasing conversion rates.


A thoughtful designed and executed AdWords campaign structure is a crucial element of profitable PPC accounts. Depending on your market, the same AdWords campaign structure can be successfully implemented in Bing Ads campaigns.

When we start working on a paid search account, we often find campaigns that have grown organically in various directions due to many different ideas and strategies implemented by previous PPC account owners. This can lead to missed opportunities in your account and could affect your performance in an unfavorable way. Based on your business model and target audience, we suggest a customized campaign structure and naming convention for your campaigns. There are different approaches for a best practice account structure - find out more about our approach here.

In case you are just entering the paid search world, whether it is for Google AdWords or Bing Ads, we also offer account setups from scratch. Regardless of your monthly advertising budget, we look forward to giving you a hand with your new search engine advertising campaigns.


Based on the keyword list we develop highly relevant and compelling ads. Furthermore, we always keep your company values in mind. For a quick ramp-up phase, there is always the option to use dynamic keyword insertion.

However, this approach can lead to a certain laziness when creating ads and will also not help stay relevant in the mid-term. Search terms and ads need to match closely in order to provide the best user experience. The true intention of the user - and your potential customer - should be reflected in your ad. Additionally, correct geographic and language targeting assure that your ads will be shown to the most relevant target group. Due to individual bid adjustments we will help you to minimize the spreading loss for you.

If you want to get started fast by yourself, we generally recommend a minimum of two and a maximum of four highly relevant ads per ad group, to keep your ad copy testing as effective as possible.


Once your AdWords campaigns are active, and your ads start receiving first impressions and clicks, another important factor comes into play. Conversion tracking.

It is crucial for your advertising success to track the number of sales, leads, sign ups or any other action your business model should generate. Only this data can highlight where active PPC campaigns need to be adjusted or optimized, from bids to ads and keywords. There are various ways to set up the correct conversion tracking. The most common are AdWords conversion tracking, Bing UET tracking or Google Analytics.

Whether you are using direct implementation or a tag manager solution, such as the Google Tag Manager, we will support you with this setup to make sure you are not missing out important data. The correct conversion tracking will achieve your business targets, such as target cost-per-action (CPA) or return on ad spend (ROAS).

For basic AdWords conversion tracking setup, take a quick look at this how-to guide.

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